AUDIENCE: Kids 6-12

GENRE: Comedy / Adventure

FORMAT: 26 half hours

PARTNERS: kika, cosmotoons, europool, telegael, method, sk c&c, m6, ocean productions

Cosmic Quantum Ray

This zany comedy-adventure series brings the strange and freaky corners of the universe to the world of Earth teenager Robbie Shipton.

Although he seems to be a “normal” teenager to friends and family, Robbie secretly leads a double life as Earth’s representative to Team Quantum – an elite, eccentric team of intergalactic heroes that saves the Universe almost every day, and hopefully in time for Robbie to get to his third-period science class! Together, they battle evil, brilliant aliens, cosmic surfers and more.

“Cosmic Quantum Ray” also helps make quantum physics more engaging for kids, with a 60-90 second “Science Fact-tion” at the end of each episode, where our heroes explain the actual quantum physics that took place in the episode.