AUDIENCE: Kids 6-12

GENRE: Comedy / Adventure

FORMAT: 52 x 13’ or 26 half hours

PARTNERS: Zodiak Active, SLR, Gulli, Telegael, Cartobaleno, Verve, Reliance, Rai, Agogo

The DaVincibles

This zany cartoon comedy series is packed with funny and absurd characters in search of wild, slapstick action. 16-year-old Pablo DaVinci and his 15-year-old sister Zoe struggle to put aside their sibling rivalry as they travel the world with their crazy yet loveable Uncle Leo in search of rare and sometimes valuable artifacts to sell at Leo’s Kurious Kat antique shop.

While on their adventures, the family frequently crosses paths with the most dementedly incompetent villains the world has ever known: The Society of Very Bad Villains (SVBV). Led by Quba, the Picasso-faced worst artist in the world, the SVBV, in order to attain world domination, must get this hilarious globetrotting trio out of the way.