AUDIENCE: Kids 6-12

GENRE: comedy / action

FORMAT: 104 x 13’

PARTNERS: Home plate, telegael, copernicus studios, agogo

Wild Grinders

Created & based on the childhood of legendary Pro Skateboarder, & MTV Star Rob Dyrdek, Wild Grinders is a cartoon in every sense of the medium! Wild character comedy, mixed with ridiculous situations and over the top wacky characters. Told in fast paced eleven minute cartoon episodes, the series features the crazy hijinks of an energetic and thrill seeking skate-boarding pre-teen LIL ROB and his best friends, MEATY (a British Bulldog – with a hip edge), GOGGLES (a nerdy but loyal kind hearted best friend) and a host of other zany kids from the neighborhood, as well as Lil Rob’s wacky parents and older teenage sister.

From jet packs sending Lil Rob skating on to the fuselage of a Jet Airliner to an underwater ghost pirate and shark chase, Wild Grinders takes kid relatable themes, cartoon gags, and a dose of an action sports sense of adventure and mixes it all up into an exciting and hilarious animated series aimed at 6-12 year old kids.