AUDIENCE: Kids 6-12

GENRE: comedy / action

FORMAT: 26 half hours

PARTNERS: Skechers, Nicktoons


Three teens develop super powers after being accidentally exposed to the Zevo compound, a dangerous genetic enhancer. The newly-minted heroes, Z-Strap, Elastica and Kewl Breeze soon discover they are not the only ones exposed to the compound; its creator, the deranged scientist Stan K. Foot, frozen 20 years ago in a lab accident, is brought back to life as the villainous Stankfoot who is intent on destroying New Eden City and reclaiming his birthright. The trio of superheroes must now battle Stankfoot’s army of mutants, freaks and monsters, all the while keeping their identities a secret and maintaining their normal teenage lives. Teen angst and exciting superhero action come together for an explosive, action-packed, wild ride.